Frequently Asked Questions: Becoming a Independent Team Beachbody Coach

How do I qualify to become a Beachbody Coach?

There are no requirements to apply to become a Beachbody Coach.

Yes, when you join the Beachbody business, you will be called a “Beachbody Coach”.

On average, a Beachbody Coach is a everyday person who wants to help people reach their fitness goals.

A Beachbody Coach can be but is not required to be a fitness trainer, nutrition expert, body builder, or a model to do this…

In fact, many Coaches are not even fit when they start!

But, when these people become Coaches they decided it was time for a change and are working on their fitness goals as they grow their Beachbody business…

In short, to become a Beachbody Coach, you just have to be willing to learn and help people.

Team Beachbody Coaches Help People Achieve Their Fitness Goals

How much does it cost to become a Team Beachbody Coach?

It costs $39.95 to start. This fee covers:

  • Your Business Starter Kit
  • Access to the Beachbody Coach Training Academy
  • Setting up the 3 websites that Beachbody provides for you in order to sell Shakeology through you.
    • A Beachbody Coach site
    • A Shakeology site
    • And a Beachbody Ultimate Reset site
  • Covers maintenance of your Back Office
  • Covers shipping/handling for anything you sell.
  • Beachbody Customer Service for you and your Customers.
  • And many more additional bonuses to help you build your Team Beachbody Fitness Coach Business.

After the first month, it’s only $15.95 a month to continue all the services above.

What kind training do I get as a Independent Team Beachbody Coach?

These an amazing amount of resources available to you!

First we have the Beachbody Coach Training Academy!

Here you’ll learn how to run a successful Beachbody mlm business:

Team Beachbody Coach Training Academy

Team Beachbody Coach Training Academy

Beachbody Success on Demand!

Beachbody joined up with Success Magazine to provide you top information that today’s successful entrepreneurs are reading!

A lot of my success is because of reading Success Magazine and books recommended by them…

As Jim Rohn always said: “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

Team Beachbody: Success on Demand

Team Beachbody: Success on Demand

You get me a Team Beachbody Coach to help plan your success!

Become a Beachbody Coach with me or another Coach from this site. We’re here to help you and grow your business.

Access to a Private Facebook Group!

In this Facebook group you can ask questions from fellow Coaches to get your questions answered faster.

Plus, we’re often sharing business tips to help each other grow our Beachbody business.

Team Beachbody Weekly Training Calls!

Beachbody has weekly calls to talk about what’s going in the Beachbody business world, provide business building tips, go over new programs, and much more…

AND… Much, much, much more…

I never even have enough time to make use of all the trainings that Beachbody has to offer!

However, I pick out what I’m good at and interested in and just devour it with a burning desire!

The real question is, How will make use of Beachbody’s resources to create the future you desire?

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

Can you become a Beachbody Coach for free?

There are two ways to become a Independent Team Beachbody Coach for free.

1. Active Military or Spouse of a Active Military Member

If you are an Active Military Member or the Spouse of one, you can become a Beachbody coach for free. You’ll need to download the following Coach Application:

Team Beachbody Active Military coach app w/ FAQs

2. Ordering a Beachbody Challenge Pack

If you order a Beachbody Challenge Pack, Beachbody will waive the initial $39.95 fee. A Challenge Pack includes a Fitness program of your choice, Shakeology on Home Direct, and a 30 Day trail of the Team Beachbody Club Membership.

As you sign up to become a Beachbody Coach, you’ll be asked if you want to order a Beachbody Challenge Pack:

Make Money with your own Home Based Fitness Business!…

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

How is the Beachbody Affiliate program better than other affiliate programs?

The majority of affiliate programs give you a one-time sale from a customer you obtain.

This means you need to work extra hard to consistently get new customers everyday!

If you have no new customers, you don’t get money!

Beachbody’s business opportunity is set up differently. Every time someone makes a purchase from your Beachbody website, that person becomes your customer for life!

You will make a commission any time your customer returns to the Beachbody store and makes a purchase.

Plus, you can start making even more money if you can get them on a continuity product like Shakeology, P90X Results and Recovery, P90X Peak Performance Bars, and a variety of other supplements!

Do I need to buy Shakeology or any other Beachbody products in order to be a Team Beachbody Coach?


You’re not required to buy Shakeology or hold any type of inventory.

As a Team Beachbody Coach, all need to do is direct people to your Beachbody created websites in order to get credit for any sales you make.

Beachbody takes care of everything!

  • Inventory
  • Shipping/Handling
  • Returns
  • And Customer Service

If you wish to advance in Coach Rank, there are other obligations like having a Club Team Beachbody Membership and having a certain number of Personal Volume (PV) points.

However, you are not forced to advance in Beachbody Coach Rank… But is encouraged because you can make more money!

To learn more about what’s required of you, check this out Beachbody Compensation Plan

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

How much money can I make with the Team Beachbody home based fitness business?

Neither Beachbody nor I can make any claim to how much money you can make.

There’s a chance that, as a Independent Team Beachbody Coach, you’ll make a lot of money, little money, no money, or maybe even lose money…

Any commissions you make with Beachbody is directly related to your own desire to make money.

I can, however, share with the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for 2011

Here’s a summary for your convenience:

How Much Money Can You Earn?
2011 Audited Coach Earnings Statement*
Coach Rank High Earnings Avg. Earnings
Emerald $493,092 $2,319
Ruby $51,545 $6,934
Diamond $143,284 $14,658
Star Diamond $1,423,863 $79,521
Coach (retail sales) $20,449 $360
*Obtained from the Team Beachbody: Statement of Independent Coach Earnings

It really comes down to how hard are you willing to work for it?

Beachbody provides you with amazing and continued training to be successful… Are you willing to make the effort to earn your money?

Just check out those high earning above! $493,092! $143,284! $1,423,863!!!!

The potential to make a great living is there with the Beachbody Coach business.

What are just a few of the benefits from becoming a Team Beachbody Coach?

  • You control your customer’s information who buy through you!
    Beachbody believes that the best way to market their products is by building relationships. As a result, whenever a customer buys from you, they are YOUR customer.
    Build a relationship with your customer and enjoy any future commissions from that relationship you built!
  • Beachbody adds paying customers to your Beachbody Coach business once you reach a certain level!
    That is HUGE! What company actually gives out their paying customers?No other affiliate program or business freely gives away their customers like Beachbody…
    On average, I get about 3-8 new customers every week. These are actual paying customers who have bought a product through Beachbody (they believe in the products), and I’ll get a commission on any new orders they place.
  • Beachbody spends $100+ million dollars in advertising every year!
    You’re not selling anything that people have not already heard of. I tell my friends P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil Butt Lift, or Shakeology and they instantly know what I’m talking about!
    Beachbody has created brand awareness for you! Now you form the relationship in order to create a sale…
  • You get a 25% discount on ALL Beachbody products!
    This an excellent opportunity for you to improve your own health and fitness…
    Change your life with Beachbody products and you’ll have a story to share and help people decide to buy from you!
  • There are several ways to make money!
    Earning a 25% commission on selling Shakeology or P90X is only the beginning!
    If choose to grow your Independent Team Beachbody Coach business, you’ll be able to earn money with Beachbody…Check out the Beachbody Compensation Plan for a review of how you can make money.

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

Aren’t Multilevel Marketing (mlm) businesses nothing but “get rich schemes”? Is the Beachbody mlm business opportunity a “scam” or a “get rich quick scheme”?

Is being a Team Beachbody Coach a Scam?

Is being a Team Beachbody Coach a Scam?

I’m not going to lie… I’m sure there have been some mlms out there that have given mlm’s in general a bad name.

It sucks that multilevel marketing can often bring up bad images in people but they are not all “get rich schemes”…

In fact, a good mlm business will be honest and tell you that you may not make any money at all… You may even lose money through your efforts.

But, if you try hard enough and follow the system that Beachbody has created, you increase your chances of being successful.

To put Beachbody in perspective… Beachbody is not the only successful mlm business you may have heard of.

Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbalife International, Amway and more companies have succeeded ethically as multi-level marketing businesses…

Plus, here are two things that other multi-level marketing business cannot claim:

  1. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Check out Beachbody’s BBB Rating
  2. The Direct Selling Association (DSA), recently honored Team Beachbody with the “2011 Annual Industry Award for Outstanding Achievement in the areas of salesforce development, technology innovation, partnership, excellence in business operations and excellence in programming.”
    The DSA only honored 5 Companies with this award! Only 5!!!
    Read the article here: DSA Honors Five Companies with Industry Awards

Honestly, if you truly believe Beachbody is nothing but a “get rich scheme”, just close this window now.

There’s no award big enough that Beachbody can receive that will make you change your mind.

And really, if you join as a Team Beachbody Coach and expect to fail, then all you’ll do is fail…

If you expect success and you prepare for success… then you will achieve success!

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

Have an amazing day!