beachbody affiliate programBy searching for the Beachbody affiliate program, I’m guessing you know what it means to be a affiliate.

For example, when you join a typical affiliate program you focus on selling specific products and hope that your cost for marketing a product is much less than the commission on the product.

You can make sales in a variety of ways like:

  • Having Your Own Blog
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • CPM
  • PPC
  • And varies other ways of getting Customers

You actually have several options to join the Beachbody affiliate program as well. You can join indirectly through

  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction

Or… or… you can really make money by joining the ultimate Team Beachbody Affiliate Program by becoming a Beachbody Coach…

In this post you’ll find out exactly why becoming a Beachbody Coach is the best way to make the most money as a affiliate…

Why Become a Beachbody Coach? – Beachbody Affiliate Program

More than likely you’re already involved in many affiliate programs like Amazon, Commission Junction, ClickBank, and many others…

So, why should you all of a sudden become a Beachbody Coach in order to join the Beachbody affiliate program?

There are several reasons but I will share 5 core reasons that will interest you most…

1. The Beachbody Affiliate Program Offers Bigger Commission Checks

Join other affiliate programs and you’ll earn anywhere from 4-10% on any Beachbody product you sell.

Currently Beachbody’s top selling products are P90X, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift, and Shakeology.

Check out the commissions you could make with each affiliate program below if you focused on the top selling products:

Commission Junction 10% Amazon 4% Beachbody 25%
P90X $139.80×0.10= $13.98 $139.80×0.04= $5.59 $119.95×0.25= $29.98
Insanity $144.80×0.10= $14.48 $144.80×0.04= $5.79 $119.95×0.25= $29.98
Brazil Butt Lift $65×0.10= $6.50 $65×0.04= $2.60 $59.85×0.25= $14.96
Shakeology $148.95×0.10= $14.89 $148.95×0.04= $5.96 $129.95×0.25= $32.48

There’s a few things to consider when you’re deciding which Beachbody affiliate program to join.

    • Do I want to offer a product at a higher price than my competition? – As a Beachbody Coach you’re guaranteed to offer products at a lower price than the other guys.
    • Do I want to make a few bucks for a sale I put a lot of effort into? – You’ll make a little more money with Commission Junction but is it enough to cover your advertising cost? Especially if you run ads…
    • Do I want to offer a product at lower cost and offer bonuses that no one else offers? – When people order through a Team Beachbody Coach, they will often receive an additional free workout that you can’t get any where else… Not even from Beachbody’s main site!

The take home message here is that you will make more money and offer a better price & bonuses to your Customers by being a Beachbody Coach than from joining another affiliate program.

2. The Beach body Affiliate Program Offers Recurring Sales

Sample of Beachbody products.When you join another affiliate program you’ll work hard to make a sale, you’ll get a commission, and you and that customer are normally done from then on.

That customer will then be a customer of the maker of whatever product you sold.

For example, if you join the Beachbody Affiliate program through Amazon, you get your commission for selling Shakeology and then that customer belongs to Beachbody. If they loved Shakeology, they’ll order again but YOU won’t get another commission check from that customer.

As a Beachbody Coach, you would make the sale as before but after that first initial sell, that customer now belongs to you. You will now make a recurring commission off of that customer on any future orders.

Plus, Beachbody gives you access to your customers. You can use Beachbody’s provided email system to contact your customer at any time. You can give them updates, stay in touch, or sell them on other Beachbody products. It’s totally up to you.

On some customers, you even have access to their phone number so you can call them to see how else you can help them with other Beachbody products.

Best of all, if you sold only P90X, Insanity, or other fitness programs there are often little commercials in the DVDs encouraging the customer to buy another workout, equipment, or supplements. If they decide to buy something else, that commission goes to you IF you’re their Beachbody Coach ;)

3. The Beachbody Affiliate Program Offers Free Customers

Beachbody Gives You FREE Customers!

Beachbody Gives You FREE Customers!

When you reach Emerald Coach status you can qualify to get Free Customers from Beachbody.

Beachbody spends over $100 million in advertising every year…

Any customer that calls Beachbody or orders online from their site are automatically assigned to a Beachbody Coach. While you won’t make a commission on their first order, you will make money on any future orders from that individual.

Plus, since they are your customer, you can contact them any time you want.

Not too bad I would say… Commission Junction and Amazon don’t do that…

4. The Beachbody Affiliate Program Offers Growth Potential

Let’s be honest, joining a Beach body affiliate program will be great because you’re selling something people need but… Who really wants to keep relying on sales all the time?

You can be amazing at selling Shakeology or another Beachbody product but you don’t want that to be your sole income.

Instead, teach others to do what you’re doing. You don’t need to teach them everything you do but instead encourage other people to become Beachbody Coaches.

In fact, many of the best Beachbody Coaches were customers first. So may-be you’ll be able to dig into your own customers to get a few Beachbody Coaches.

I know what you may be thinking, this must be a Pyramid Scheme or a Scam. I assure you that it’s not.

Beachbody is similar to Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbal Life, and Avon… All great network marketing companies. But Beachbody is the first network marketing company focused on health and fitness.

Currently, Beachbody has Coaches in the United States and Canada but is planning on expanding internationally.

Anyways, as you grow your own Beachbody Team you’ll have many more ways to earn money than only customer sales. Plus, after a while you could have a nice enough team to only rely on Team Volume bonuses.

It’s 100% optional to grow a Beachbody Team but it’s there if you wan it.

5. The Beachbody Affiliate Program Offers Passive Income

Earn passive income with Beachbody.

Earn passive income with Beachbody.

There are two ways you’ll be able to earn passive income…

1. Earning a Passive Income with Customers

The first way to make passive income is by selling continuity products like supplements. The most popular is Shakeology with a whopping $32.48 per sale.

Many people stay on Shakeology for a long while and depending on who you market it to, it can be very popular. You just need to find the right niche that you can target.

Plus, there’s an assortment of other supplements that Beachbody offers. Plus, Beachbody customers have also been found to order new workout programs over time.

2. Earning a Passive Income with a Team

The second way to make money passively revolves around building a team.

Beachbody offers several ways to make money beyond earning a commission. Many of the additional bonuses that you can earn is based on building a successful team.

Think of it this way… Would you rather work and make money from 100% of your own efforts or make 10% from each individual of 100 people?

The percentages above are for example purposes only but that’s the idea behind building a team….

You either make as much money as you can from your own efforts or you make some money from many people from your team.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to add 100 Beachbody Coaches to your team by yourself.

All you need is a few good people… Then your team will grow:

    • From me adding people into your team.
    • From people above me adding people into your team.
    • And of course your own Personally Sponsored Coaches adding people into your team.

We are all working together here.

Thoughts about the Beach body Affiliate Program

There you have it… 3 ways that you can make money from selling Beachbody products.

I have no doubt that you’re already a successful affiliate marketer but have you ever thought about earning a passive income?

If you’re successful at marketing products online, become a Beachbody Coach because:

  • You’ll earn a higher commission.
  • You’ll have access to the customers you bring in.
  • When you qualify, Beachbody will give you paying customers.
  • You have growth potential with Beachbody.
  • And you have an opportunity to earn a passive income.

Become a Team Beachbody Coach today so you can enjoy all those benefits and more!

Yes! I want to become a Beachbody Coach!

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Have a great day!

Coach Julio Diaz

Coach Julio Diaz

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